QuantixTM Mapper

AeroVironment (AV) is committed to bringing you the highest quality Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) solutions to meet your continuing operations.  As AV continues to develop and release new products, we must continually evaluate our product portfolio to ensure we can continue to meet the quality we all expect from AV products.

The purpose of this notification is to inform you of AV’s sunsetting of the Quantix SUAS lines and provide a timeline for customer support.  The following table outlines the sunset timeline of the Quantix SUAS:

Sunset Action Items Effective Dates:

AV is committed to the long-term relationships developed with our customers and looks forward to continuing the relationship with our new and innovative SUAS solutions.  The purpose of the staged sunset of the Quantix SUAS line is to ensure supporting our valued customers until our future AV SUAS solutions are available to meet the Quantix SUAS missions.

Click here to read the official Quantix Sunset customer announcement letter.


Simultaneously collects high-resolution RGB & Multispectral

Range (Linear)

2 km Radio Limit


Wingspan: 3.2 ft (97.5 cm)


900 MHz Encrypted & WiFi


Fully Automatic Navigation